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International team finds genetic variants key in understanding origins of ovarian cancer

journal Nature Genetics, highlights the discovery of three genetic variants associated with mucinous ovarian carcinomas (MOCs), offering the first evidence of genetic susceptibility in this type of ovarian cancer. The research also suggests a link between common pathways of development between MOCs and colorectal cancer and for the first time...

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Be a Quitter: Stop Smoking Today

Have you thought about quitting smoking, but haven’t made that tough first step? Take that step today, set a date to quit and start building a plan with your Keck Medicine of USC physician. Yes, quitting is tough – but with a plan and a strong support network, you can...

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Patient Resources

...records and more. For further assistance, call us at (800) USC-CARE (800-872-2273). Advisory Councils and Support Groups Billing and Insurance Financial Assistance myUSCchart Patient Safety and Quality of Care The Adolescent and Young Adult Program (AYA@USC) Useful Links American Cancer Society American Society of Clinical Oncology Cancer Care...

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Skin Cancer

...a growing cell’s developmental process called the Hedgehog signaling pathway to halt cancer. Cancer genetics help determine if you have an inherited cancer, or are at risk for cancer. These cancers result from a genetic mutation that spurs the growth of many types of cancers throughout the body and a...

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Gynecological Cancers

...for Women’s Cancers is available to support patients who are at high risk of developing a gynecologic cancer. Gynecologic specialists work with breast specialists and geneticists in a unified clinic to focus on early detection and prevention for our patients. Our Approach Our commitment is to care not just for...

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...of ancillary support services including physical therapy and rehabilitation and alternative and complementary medicine. We are dedicated to ensuring that patients receive appropriate and state-of-the art therapy for their sarcoma. Together, the entire team conducts weekly multidisciplinary conference to evaluate each patient’s medical information and achieve consensus on a comprehensive...

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Urologic Oncology

...because a breast and gynecology specialist will see you together with a genetic specialist in one location. The focus is early detection/prevention for women who are at elevated risk. The Cancer Genetics Program assists patients who are diagnosed with a wide range of cancers. Some inherited cancers appear to be...

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Beating Back Prostate Cancer

...and if it is not,” says Goldkorn. Just as importantly, the circulating tumor cells can be analyzed for the presence of a particular DNA mutation or gene expression, which can help identify the mechanisms driving a patient’s cancer, allowing for more effective treatment of that patient’s cancer. Several research projects...

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Fighting for her Health

...When she got the diagnosis of lung cancer, she was incredulous. “I heard the word ‘cancer,’ but I thought, this can’t be that bad; it can’t really be serious, because I was just at the gym working out,” she recalls. “I’d just finished a 10-mile hike a few days before.”...

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