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USC Breast Center

Supporting You Through Your Breast Cancer Journey

A breast cancer diagnosis marks the beginning of a journey with unique stages. From diagnosis to treatment to long-term survivorship, each part of the road to recovery presents its own challenges — as well as opportunities for support.

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At the USC Breast Center, you can access a network of resources designed to provide support throughout your breast cancer journey. During treatment, you may want to visit our Image Enhancement Center, where you can find everything from hats, wigs and head wraps to breast prostheses and specialized skin care products. During treatment and recovery, our occupational therapists can work with you to identify and attain health-related goals through the Lifestyle Redesign® program.

Patients who are 39 and younger can tap into the resources of our Adolescent and Young Adults Program to find support for issues that are unique to young adults with cancer, including reproductive health. And all along the way, our psycho-oncologist can provide mental health support, ranging from medication to connecting you with support groups.

Our offerings

  • Breast prostheses and customized bras
  • Hats, wigs and head wraps
  • Image Enhancement Center
  • Lifestyle Redesign®
  • Mental health support
  • Support program for young adults


Find out more about what the USC Breast Center has to offer.

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

Learn more about how our psycho-oncologist can help.

Image Enhancement

Image Enhancement

Discover the specialized products our center offers.

Lifestyle Redesign®

Find out how our occupational therapists can help optimize your well-being.

Adolescents and Young Adults

Adolescents and Young Adults

Explore our support program for people with cancer who are 39 and younger.

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