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Syma Iqbal

...Additional clinical administrative appointments include the Division of Oncology’s Educational Officer and Co-Director of the Liver Cancer Program at USC. Dr. Iqbal also serves as an assistant editor for Women’s Oncology Review and sits on the Clinical Investigations Committee and the Pharmacy Review Committee at the Keck School of Medicine....

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Peter S. Conti

...residency in Radiology, and then a fellowship in Nuclear Medicine at John Hopkins Hospital, MD. He joined the staff at USC as a professor of Pharmacy and then Radiology and Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Conti as board certification from the the American Board of Radiology and American Board of Nuclear Medicine....

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Donna Shoupe

...of gynecology, and a member on the medical records, pharmacy and therapeutics, and finance committees. Philosophy of care: I have three main goals when I take care of patients. I first try to address my patients’ concerns by listening to their history, reviewing examination findings and related testing. My second...

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Los Angeles – Norris Healthcare Center (HC3)

...the same building, patients also have access to a pharmacy, an outpatient surgery center and an infusion clinic that provides an array of services, from immunotherapy and chemotherapy transfusions to IM/IV pain management and phlebotomy. Transplant Clinic 2nd Floor View all providers at this location » Urology & GU Oncology...

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Karla O'Dell

...O’Dell treats all diseases of the ears, nose and throat and specializes in laryngeal and voice disorders. Her clinical interests include voice disorders in professional and non-professional voice users, swallowing disorders, including endoscopic Zenker’s diverticulectomy and cricpharyngeal myotomy, open and endoscopic treatments of upper airway disorders and in-office laser procedures....

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Sang-Hoon Ahn, MD

...clinical trials to help bring new cancer drugs to the field of oncology. Dr. Ahn was always deeply interested in providing easier access to the most up-to-date cancer treatments for the patients in the community. In order to better realize this lifelong goal, he joined the Keck Medicine of USC...

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Mike Nguyen, MD

...surgical approaches and innovative prevention and wellness interventions for improving and maintaining urologic health. I also believe in empowering patients with the latest evidence based medicine information and strive to approach each patient interaction with compassion and respect in order to earn trust as a partner in improving urologic health...

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Maria Stapfer, MD

...resections, and over 700 liver transplants. Her experience with liver transplantation has given Dr. Stapfer exceptional proficiency with locally advanced pancreatic cancers that require portal vein and mesenteric artery reconstruction. In order to offer her patients shorter, more comfortable recoveries, Dr. Stapfer has become highly skilled in laparoscopic techniques for...

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Michael S. Karp

...physician and the entire health care team should be dedicated to the patient 365 days a year. We need to not only provide an excellent experience during office visits, but should be monitoring and improving patient’s health in-between visits in order to ensure optimal health. In this way we can...

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