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Researchers identify potential treatment of deadly form of lymphoma in HIV patients

...the disease known as primary effusion lymphoma (PEL) can be treated effectively by a class of drugs already approved by the FDA. These immunomodulatory drugs, or IMiDs, were actually more effective on PEL than they have been on the cancer for which they were approved, multiple myeloma. “That was the...

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A second opinion gives colorectal cancer patient a new lease on life

...her Thousand Oaks community. She was thrilled to be seeing her 17-year-old begin a journey toward becoming a speech pathologist. “I was so excited,” she says. “I was a healthy, active person, and I was ready to get my daughter all set up.” So when Weir began to feel pain...

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Blood Disorder Detour

...time Dunn first saw Casey O’Connell, MD, assistant professor of clinical medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, she and her doctors had already tried three different medications that all failed to control her MDS. Dunn was constantly exhausted and often short of breath. She found herself scheduling...

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The Keck Effect: More Charity

...In denial of his agony, Navarro delayed an examination until a visit to his primary care physician revealed the awful truth: at age 40, he had bile duct cancer — stage IV — and a life expectancy of only two years. Reeling from this news, he went for second and...

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How Is Immunotherapy Changing Lung Cancer Treatment?

There’s good news about survival rates for lung cancer — they are on the rise, thanks to innovative treatments like immunotherapy. Learn more about this treatment option. Scientists have long observed that our body’s natural defense mechanisms do more than fight off nasty colds — they actually scout out and...

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Inpatient Services

...sizes visit with patients and your guests. Among many other benefits, pet therapy is a program which research has shown to counteract patient isolation and facilitate socialization; promote motor and cognitive skills; and encourage self-confidence. And, as self-esteem increases, feelings of sadness, pain and vulnerability decrease. It is truly amazing...

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Quality, Safety and Ethics

...providers and hospital staff about important topics in clinical ethics. Our multidisciplinary committee consists of representatives from medicine, law, nursing, chaplaincy, social work, and the larger Los Angeles community, with the aim of ensuring that we bring a diversity of perspectives to the ethical challenges we encounter. Read more »...

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Truebeam Radiosurgery

Overview and Indications TrueBeam™ STx is a new solution that is more powerful, accurate and faster than a typical linear accelerator, allowing USC physicians to confidently treat complex cancers with the latest and most advanced radiosurgical techniques in the world. Ideal for challenging cases in the brain, spine, lung, liver,...

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...knowledge. In the process, they impact what is taught, thought and practiced throughout the world. Students pursuing advanced degrees in medicine, biomedical research, preventive medicine, among others, work alongside these faculty members, as well as resident physicians and post-doctoral researchers. Under their tutelage, students train for their future scientific careers...

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A Matter of Trust

...wasn’t ridiculously overworked. It wasn’t a ‘bladder mill.’ The difference was stunning. ”After meeting Daneshmand and discussing his cancer, Urish knew had found the right place. “I didn’t realize how much I didn’t trust that first urologist until I met someone I could trust,” said the 54-year-old Santa Ana resident....

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