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New study links coffee consumption to decreased risk of colorectal cancer

...Gruber, MD, PhD, MPH, director of the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and senior author of the study. The data showed that even moderate coffee consumption, between one to two servings a day, was associated with a 26 percent reduction in the odds of developing colorectal cancer after adjusting for...

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The Keck Effect: More Charity

...In denial of his agony, Navarro delayed an examination until a visit to his primary care physician revealed the awful truth: at age 40, he had bile duct cancer — stage IV — and a life expectancy of only two years. Reeling from this news, he went for second and...

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What to Ask Your Doctor When You Have Breast Cancer

Early detection with self exams and regular, high quality mammograms can catch breast cancer when it’s very treatable. Newer technologies, such as 3D mammography (also called breast tomosynthesis, or DBT) can provide a more accurate assessment. When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, the news can be overwhelming. To start,...

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How Is Immunotherapy Changing Lung Cancer Treatment?

There’s good news about survival rates for lung cancer — they are on the rise, thanks to innovative treatments like immunotherapy. Learn more about this treatment option. Scientists have long observed that our body’s natural defense mechanisms do more than fight off nasty colds — they actually scout out and...

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Inpatient Services

...sizes visit with patients and your guests. Among many other benefits, pet therapy is a program which research has shown to counteract patient isolation and facilitate socialization; promote motor and cognitive skills; and encourage self-confidence. And, as self-esteem increases, feelings of sadness, pain and vulnerability decrease. It is truly amazing...

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Stay connected with family, friends and colleagues before, during and after a health-care challenge through a CarePages website. CarePages provides free, private websites that make it easy to: Update family, friends and colleagues all at once Share photos Collect supporting messages from loved ones and friends Connect to others with...

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Community for a Cure In the current issue, we share how exercise can boost the health of breast cancer survivors, learn about what deep-sea creatures tell us about cancer-fighting therapies, and highlight the David Munoz family’s legacy of giving. Download Summer 2018 Download Spring 2018 Download Winter 2017 Download Fall...

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Skin Cancer

...GammaKnife®, immunotherapy, gene therapy and advanced surgical techniques including Mohs surgery and reconstruction. Our innovative Mohs surgical technique removes one thin layer of the melanoma at a time. Each “slice” is examined for cancer cells under a microscope until a layer shows no signs of cancer. This enables the surgeon...

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Lung Cancer Screenings Should Be More Routine Than You Think

...lung cancer-related deaths. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms discussed, consult with your medical provider. Visit one of the world-renowned specialists at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center at Keck Medicine of USC to learn more about screenings and how they might benefit you. If you are in...

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7 Myths About the Most Common Cancer in Women

...with lung cancer dies. The landscape is changing, and now we are seeing survival rates increase. This is due to a new treatment called immunotherapy, wherein patients receive intravenous drugs with limited side effects that are typically associated with chemotherapy. About 20% to 25% of Keck Medicine of USC lung...

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