Keck Medicine of USC is the University of Southern California’s medical enterprise, one of only two university-owned academic medical centers in the Los Angeles area.


Primary Tumor Location Predictive of Treatment Response in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Heinz-Josef Lenz, MD Data showing distinct differences in treating colorectal cancer by “sidedness” may reshape treatment plans and future clinical trials A retrospective analysis of clinical trial data reveals that in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer, primary tumor location is predictive of their response to various treatment strategies for the disease. This builds ...  
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month marked at football game

To honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a cancer survivor joined a team of physicians and staff from Keck Medicine of USC on the field during the Oct. 1 USC Trojan football game against Arizona State, while a group of nurses presented the game ball and administered the coin toss. Annette Sy, RN, chief nursing officer ...  
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Virtual Reality Program Enhances Treatment for Young Cancer Patients

The University of Southern California (USC) Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center has partnered with Springbok Cares to provide a unique Virtual Reality (VR) initiative for patients in the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer program at USC (AYA@USC). The patient initiative is designed to provide a library of curated cinematic and interactive VR experiences using the most advanced media technology ...  
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USC Norris hosts satellite Cancer Moonshot Summit in nationwide collaboration to fight cancer

The USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center recently hosted a satellite Cancer Moonshot Summit in conjunction with the Washington, D.C., summit hosted June 29 by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. The event was one of many held nationwide that day, as the country unites to double the rate of progress in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and ...  
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Rewarding Work: Janice Lu devotes her life to making life better for breast cancer patients at USC Norris

When she was just 5 years old, Janice Lu, MD, PhD, decided to become a doctor. Her mother had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Lu was determined from that point on to make a difference in the world of breast cancer research and treatment. “This was always what I wanted to do, cancer related ...  
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A Rewarding Relationship

Patient funds lab of physician she credits with saving her life When Janice Hall was diagnosed at an area hospital with stage IV colon cancer that had metastasized to her liver, doctors said that the only thing she and her husband Robert could do was prepare for her death. Unwilling to accept that advice, they ...  
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The Future of Medicine is Personalized

John Carpten joins the Keck School of Medicine to connect the dots between individual cancer patients and the best treatments The technological advances that have allowed doctors to differentiate tumors based on their distinct genetic make-up are part of a revolution in medicine that is known as personalized or precision medicine. Where treating cancer was ...  
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Challenge Accepted: Improving Treatment Options for Patients with Brain Cancer

Of the dozens of clinical trials being conducted at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center at any given time, there is one in particular that has Naveed Wagle, MD, director of the USC Brain Tumor Center at USC Norris, filled with anticipation. Every new clinical trial provides hope for his patients, but this one is unusual because it is testing a type of chemotherapy ...  
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Fasting-like diet turns the immune system against cancer

A low-calorie fasting-like diet, plus chemotherapy, enables the immune system to recognize and kill skin and breast cancer cells, according to a new USC-led study on mice. A second study on human patients shows that fasting is safe and may protect against chemotherapy’s side effects. A fasting-like diet with chemotherapy strips away the guard that ...  
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Staying on Target

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center scientists are taking a fresh look at targeting cancer cells -- without touching the patients' healthy cells When USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center member Ann Mohrbacher, MD, began her career in immunology, the idea that physicians one day could fight cancer using the body’s own immune system was still science ...  
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